Stonebridge: Half-Empty

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Artist: Stonebridge

Artist: Stonebridge
Title: Half-Empty

After spendng 30 year's in a Cryonic's lab. Frank Sebesta and Company have been released,back into the music world. Frank Sebesta, John Sebesta known as StoneBridge and good friend Rollow Arlin have combined their talents for this CD, HALF EMPTY. The knowledge that they accquired while in the Deep Freeze in pertaining to their song writing's and musical arrangements are breath taking. They write idea's, than match it to music that will fully express a complete concept for each orginal composition. Buddy Could You Sare Me a Dollar and No Warrantie's / No Guarntee's is presented in 70's type Country, with a hybrid classical style.

1.1 Buddy Could You Spare Me a Dollar
1.2 No Warranties/No Guarantees

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