Stonewall Records

Stonewall Records: Where Jesus Walks

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Artist: Stonewall Records
Title: Where Jesus Walks

I wrote most of these songs on this tribute CD to Jesus. I hope the songs will be a blessing to many people around the world.

1.1 Where Jesus Walks
1.2 Something Got a Hold of Me
1.3 I'm Just and Old Chunk of Coal
1.4 The Tree for the Cross
1.5 Jesus Hold My Hand
1.6 Where Could I Go But to the Lord
1.7 Kneel at the Cross
1.8 Mama's Bible
1.9 Farther Along
1.10 Jesus Is My Lifeline
1.11 The Neon Lights
1.12 Daisies Grow Free
1.13 Black Sheep
1.14 Gravy Fingers
1.15 Hand Me My Old Guitar
1.16 Holy Spirit
1.17 Jesus and My Lady Loves Me
1.18 Mansion
1.19 Save a Little Place for Me
1.20 When Jesus Leads the Way
1.21 Power in the Name

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