Stortregn: Impermanence

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Stortregn

Title: Impermanence
Label: The Artisan Era
Product Type: VINYL LP

With a downpour of eight cosmic tracks, crafted with stellar riffs, thundering blast beats and violence, Stortregn is unleashing their 5th studio album Impermanence onto the world! The band explores a wide range of musical influences and themes, all interconnected to create a paradigm of epicness. With this album, they have managed to merge the contemporary tech-death sound and ideas with their older influences. Impermanence isn't just a new studio album: it's a face-melting sonic eruption!

1.1 Ghosts of the Past
1.2 Moon, Sun, Stars
1.3 Cosmos Eater
1.4 Impermanence
1.5 Grand Nexion Abyss
1.6 Multilayered Chaos
1.7 Timeless Splendor
1.8 Nénie

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