Storybox: Thing About This Road

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Storybox

Artist: Storybox
Title: Thing About This Road

Probably like most records, making this one has been quite an effort! Spanning a couple of contintents and years, we're well pleased to finally have this effort in the bag. Hope you like it! Notes from the liner: All of us are traveling down roads of one kind or another, roads that take us closer or further from our destination. The destination can be many things: musical fame (we wish!) or obscurity, wealth or poverty, rich friendships or loneliness, marriage or divorce, life or even death. Stay on your road long enough and eventually you'll get to your destination, desirable or otherwise. Sometimes we start down a road that looks good, but in the end we realise we got it wrong; but how far can you go before there's no return? It's a theme of several tracks on this record. Four in particular tell the story of a young man who did exactly that. It's an old story originally told to describe how God sees people that are far from him. It's also a story that has encouraged us as a band, and one we hope will encourage you too. God bless, Storybox.

1.1 The Writer
1.2 Water Into Wine
1.3 How Did It Come to This?
1.4 The Thing About This Road
1.5 Kill the Calf
1.6 Beautiful
1.7 Talking Now
1.8 Love Blew
1.9 Strange Attraction
1.10 Girl in My Class
1.11 Will You Lift Me Up?

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