Storyteller: Far Away & Close to Home

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Storyteller

Title: Far Away & Close to Home
Label: CD Baby

Michael Katz has been telling stories professionally since 1984. He has been featured at such prestigious venues as the opening of both the Disney Concert Hall and the L.A. Getty Center. Michael is the host of his own storytelling radio show heard on NPR station KCBX FM called Katz Pajamas. Michael's recent CD release, "Far Away and Close to Home" is a winner of a Parent's Choice Silver Honor Award. "When I read about this magical CD I couldn't wait to hear it. The CD met all my expectations and more. Michael Katz has a deep and melodies voice and used characterizations, dialects and accents to make this splendid recording with his musical friends. This is the first CD I've heard in a while that has such special and exciting accompaniment that doesn't overwhelm the voice of the story. But best of all is the way Michael tells folktales. They are enchanting and his style captivates the listener. In many ways I was reminded of "Let's Pretend" a storytelling show of my childhood days which was on radio. In telling "Ishiusu", a Japanese folktale, Michael has implanted Japanese words and phrases with translation to make it bilingual. I love Michael's rendition of a "Garment for the Moon." He adds original dialog in eastern European dialect which enhances the telling. It's a delightful story that is not often heard. "Brother Sun, Brother Moon and the Pretty Girl" grabs your attention from the get- go. Both heavenly objects fall in love with the same girl. A good story to add to your repertoire for Black History month. Michael's range of voice is even more dramatic when he's telling the Mayan Myth, "The Gift". Michael tell this story in Spanish and English and the echoing sound effects are magical. The story is also very spiritual . Anyone planning a CD using sound effects and musical background could benefit from listening to Michael's "Far Away and Close to Home" CD." Linda Spitzer Just for the Tell of it 'Thank you for your amazing, incredible CD... We listen to it all of the time...Your beautiful voice, the music, your command of different languages. My kids and I are enjoying it so much! There are so many magical moments in each story. It is one of the best storytelling tapes I've ever heard!' Karen Golden Professional Storyteller & Parent 'Delivered with clarity, suspense and personality, the four stories on this CD will enchant young listeners with thought-provoking messages about how to get along with others.' Dr. Flora Joy Parents' Choice Foundation.

1.1 Ishiusu
1.2 Garment for the Moon
1.3 Brother Sun, Brother Moon and the Pretty Girl
1.4 The Gift

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