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Strandberg Project: Made in Finland

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Artist: Strandberg Project
Title: Made in Finland

Jan-Olof Strandberg is one of the Finland's top bass-players. His musical career started already during the 70's - by playing with names such as Jukka Tolonen (Tasavallan Presidentti) and Esa Kotilainen (Wigwam). Since then Strandberg has played in numerous albums, appeared on several TV shows and toured as solo and with the Strandberg Project around the world (for example in USA, UK, Japan, Korea, Germany, Spain, France and Italy). Between 2005 - 2007 Strandberg was a member of The Fusion Project with Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), Stephane Derau-Reine and Jean Lassallette. Their CD: "Code Name: The Fusion Project" was recorded in France and released in 2006 by Musea. During the last years Strandberg has worked and recorded with for example Paul Jackson (Herbie Hancock), Armand Sabal-Lecco (Paul Simon), Dominique Di Piazza (John McLaughlin), Michael Manring and Jukka Gustavson (Wigwam). Currently Strandberg is a member of the groups Progression and Paidarion (among others). His work on Paidarion's new Behind The Curtains" CD has drawn a lot of attention - for example Background Magazine/Henri Strik writes: "Maybe the finest musician on this album is Jan-Olof Strandberg. His bass playing is extraordinary and can easily be compared with people like Mark King, Tony Levin, Jaco Pastorius or Stanley Clarke. It doesn't matter whether he plays fretless or on the 4-, 5- and 6-string bass guitars. He can handle them all. " Since 1995 Strandberg has recorded six solo albums. The new, seventh CD "Made in Finland" features the line-up: Jan-Olof Strandberg, Michael Manring: Bass; Kimmo Tapanainen: Keyboards Risto Salmi: Saxes; Matias Kupiainen, Petteri Hirvanen: Guitar; Kimmo Pörsti: Drums CD comes with a bonus DVD (PAL) including studio live performances featuring Sami Virtanen, Jukka Gustavson, Rami Eskelinen and Niklas Lindholm. In addition, there is an extensive interview of Paul Jackson and Jan-Olof Strandberg included in the DVD.

1.1 Crossover
1.2 Yes, This Is It!
1.3 It's a Journey
1.4 Past and Present
1.5 T.M and T.M
1.6 Traveller's Tales
1.7 Two Sisters
1.8 The Magician's Departure
1.9 The Truth

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