Strangebyrds: Migration

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Strangebyrds

Title: Migration
Label: CD Baby

Cari Minor & Ray Smith If you are looking for a Dynamic Duo, look no further... 'Strangebyrds' Cari Minor and Ray Smith can serve up every kind of music, from sweet love songs to soul searching Folk/Americana to the Blues to Rock n' Roll done right. When the two of them take the stage, their synergy built on well-honed harmonies and spot-on guitar playing, electrifies audiences wherever they play. As 'Strangebyrds', they become one onstage in a kind of chemical reaction, inviting you to join them on a compelling musical journey through our times. Cari Minor and Ray Smith are no flash in the pan. They have been writing and performing together in the Rocky Mountain Region for over ten years. Their original songs are insightful, thought-provoking and relevant to the times. These two performers write deep grooves and memorable melodies that get under your skin, replayed through your mind and felt in your heart. 'Local duo Cari Minor and Ray Smith have played around Boulder for nearly a decade. They call themselves Strangebyrds, and their new, eponymous album showcases the duo's knack for tight arrangements and keen production. Most of their songs slide easily into the all- encompassing 'folk' category, but it's when they infuse song's with mystery and foreboding that Strangebyrds become a true gift for the ears, simultaneously unsettling and satisfactory. Their guitar work is excellent, and there are moments when the two singers voice's blend that induce chills.' The Boulder Weekly-Boulder, CO.

1.1 Blood on the Moon
1.2 Something
1.3 Baby Um HMM
1.4 Hennie Walker
1.5 Smile Before the Lie
1.6 Drama King
1.7 Black Sunday
1.8 We Came Rollin'
1.9 Bein' Me
1.10 Raven
1.11 Fall Mountains

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