Strikken: According to Purpose

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Artist: Strikken

Artist: Strikken
Title: According to Purpose

According to Purpose is the pinnacle from the power metalcore band known as Strikken. While there are many influences, the music is original and distinct as purely Strikken. Progressive Metalcore and hard rock meet with complete harmony to deliver the best album they could create and still be true to themselves. 12 new songs from these hard rocking boys with all the passion from their music driven hearts will hit you like lightning! More intense, more clear, more Strikken, According to Purpose delivers a powerful message with energy and charisma to strike you with it's power. Staying true to themselves, the band has written songs that come from the heart. It hits like a bolt of lightening. Your music world will never be the same.

1.1 Into Darkness
1.2 Scar Tissue
1.3 The Chosen One
1.4 Tale of a Fallen Man
1.5 Tidal Waves
1.6 Grace
1.7 Cast Out
1.8 Word of Life
1.9 The Truth
1.10 Gabriel
1.11 Artwork
1.12 Sent Down

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