Strings of Atlas

Strings of Atlas: Atomic Girls

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Artist: Strings of Atlas
Title: Atomic Girls

If rock music went on a whip it's trip date with hip hop and her fine sister funk, 6 and a half monthes later would be the bit too premie Strings of Atlas.

1.1 A Day in the Life of a Gear
1.2 Atomic Girls
1.3 Littel Black Balloon
1.4 TV
1.5 Who Saves the Superhero
1.6 Take
1.7 In Times of Idle
1.8 El Chuco Intro (By Sike O Phenix)
1.9 Django
1.10 Degeneration (By Portion of Misfortune)
1.11 8 1/2 Inch Nails (By Portion of Misfortune)
1.12 Death Kitty
1.13 Pale Horse Ridin' Instrumental

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