Strong, Nolan / Diablos

Strong, Nolan / Diablos: Daddy Rockin Strong: 1954-1962 Fortune Recordings

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Artist: Strong, Nolan / Diablos
Title: Daddy Rockin Strong: 1954-1962 Fortune Recordings

1.1 (Yeah Baby) It's Because of You
1.2 Daddy Rockin' Strong
1.3 I Really Love You
1.4 Do You Remember What You Did
1.5 Baby, Be Mine
1.6 Mind Over Matter
1.7 I Wanna Know
1.8 Watcha Gonna Do
1.9 Route 16
1.10 Jump, Shake and Move
1.11 The Wind
1.12 You Are
1.13 Goodbye Matilda
1.14 The Mambo of Love
1.15 If I Oh I (Could Be with You Tonight)
1.16 The Way You Dog Me Around
1.17 You're the Only Girl, Dolores
1.18 For Old Times Sake
1.19 Ooh, Ooh Those Eyes
1.20 Danny Boy
1.21 (I Want) An Old Fashioned Girl
1.22 Everything They Said Came True
1.23 Come Home, Little Girl
1.24 Adiss, My Desert Love
1.25 Since You're Gone
1.26 That's What You're Doing to Me
1.27 Beside You
1.28 Try Me One More Time
1.29 My Heart Will Always Beong to You

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