Structure: Structure

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Artist: Structure

Artist: Structure
Title: Structure
Product Type: VINYL LP

The members of this Brighton-based trio having previously served time in bands including DiE, Men Oh Pause, and Splintered. Drawing inspiration from frenetic Pink Flag-era Wire (1977), Aussie degenerates X, and the bleak stride of Crisis, Structure deliver jagged lines on a cold steel frame of tense dense discontent to vandalize your dirty mind. Their debut features six Structure originals, including future dancefloor filler "Disco". Structure is: Christopher Shoulder (guitar, vocals), Maureen Bourne (bass, vocals), Paul Dudeney (drums).

1.1 Disco
1.2 Dull
1.3 Spit
1.4 Waste
1.5 Decline
1.6 Get Out

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