Stuart: Stuart

Stuart: Stuart
Title: Stuart
Label: CD Baby

Intelligent lyrics, catchy melodies, powerful arrangements, honest and passionate performances. This music takes you on a journey through time emotion and inspiration. Stuarts vocals seamlessly dance from gritty bluesy to smooth romantic, his performances are intimate and passionate and always delivered with a rare honesty. These songs a deeply personal. They speak to the human condition on all levels; cultural, spiritual, political, and relational. The production quality of this album is 'As Good As It Gets,' mastered by the famous Brian 'Big Bass' Gardner, And Produced by 'Rob Daiker' this Album is destined to become an instant classic.

1.1 Anarchy
1.2 Birth
1.3 Tea in the Valley
1.4 Written in Stone
1.5 Trees
1.6 I Will Win Her
1.7 2 Little Children
1.8 Creation
1.9 Border
1.10 Thru Your Eyes
1.11 Sleepwalk
1.12 Il Momento È Ora
1.13 Cher Amour
1.14 Trees (Italian Version)

Stuart: Stuart

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