Stuby, Joe &Amp/Rocking Horse

Stuby, Joe &Amp/Rocking Horse: Ying Is Yang

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Artist: Stuby, Joe &Amp/Rocking Horse
Title: Ying Is Yang

Psychefunkablusedelic Rock n Roll !! A great mix of heavy Blues/Rock mixed with some deep Funk! Fans of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan as well as Parliament/Funkadelic will love this record! Features Bernie Worrell, keyboard Wizard from P-Funk!!

1.1 Feel
1.2 What I Want
1.3 S' to Say
1.4 Sheenalena
1.5 Wanting Bone
1.6 Ain't Nobody Gonna Change the World (But It's Changing)
1.7 Letter to #43
1.8 Listen
1.9 News 4 You
1.10 Red Light
1.11 Indian Horse
2.1 Ch-Ching Baby
2.2 Speaking of Love
2.3 Sunshine Love
2.4 Electric Love
2.5 Up ; Down Blues
2.6 Trouble Woman
2.7 Funky G
2.8 Jungle Funk
2.9 Ying Is Yang
2.10 America
2.11 No Ruling

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