Stuffy Shmitt: Twelve Songs

Stuffy Shmitt: Twelve Songs
Title: Twelve Songs
Label: CD Baby

Stuffy Shmitt's sixth production, 'Twelve Songs,' pulls tunes from his prior releases to create a dynamic compilation that showcases Shmitt's unique talent. His rock, blues and roots sensibilities are highlighted in this collection, while his lyrical genius plays throughout the production. Shmitt's songwriting prowess takes the listener on a sonic journey that is at once personal and universal. His lyrics embrace heartfelt emotion with poetic grace and grit, with a dose of quirky humor and an underbelly of hope. Shmitt's fine guitar work, authentic vocals and production choices will delight audiophiles. His talent and unique voice is a gift to the ears that is instantly satisfying and continues to deliver with every listen.

1.1 Ludlow Street
1.2 Heart Above Water
1.3 Who Cares If There's a Moon?
1.4 Dumb It Down
1.5 Nothing Is Real
1.6 Just Between Us Lovers
1.7 Can't Find My Way Home
1.8 Sunglasses
1.9 Somebody Else's Money
1.10 Room 792
1.11 Red Dress
1.12 When the World Doesn't Love You

Stuffy Shmitt: Twelve Songs

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