Stussi / Derome / Tanguay

Stussi / Derome / Tanguay: Super Nova

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Stussi / Derome / Tanguay
Title: Super Nova

In one thousand years, only three supernovas have been observed by the naked eye in the Milky Way. Chances that you'll ever witness one of these titanic, bright stellar explosions are therefore extremely small. So, don't miss out on the unique occasion to catch the debut album of SuperNova 4 ! Jean Derome (alto & baritone sax & flute), Félix Stüssi (piano), Normand Guilbeault (double bass) and Pierre Tanguay (drums) invite you to a luminous trip through their musical galaxies! "Normand Guilbeault, bassist on this recording, once opined that jazz towns are happy while blues towns are sad. If so, something of the town must have rubbed off on this spirited live performance. The Montreal audience that evening wore smiles on their faces as the players tossed ideas around with alacrity, even in their jaunty romps on the blues. Kudos to pianist Felix Stüssi for his inspired stroke of corralling a formidable band, a first for him, with drummer Pierre Tanguay and woodwind ace Jean Derome buoyantly responding to the call. But there is more to this date than just having a guest sitting in; all parties agreed on the spot that this project needed it's own wings. Proof positive, this foursome has delivered on it's promise, creating a unit as tight as the Three Musketeers and their inseparable companion d'Artagnan. Roaming at will through the mazes of the music, these men swashbuckle their way to the stars in the hopes of revealing that elusive fourth Supernova, less so for our eyes to wonder as were the three historically documented sightings in our Milky Way, but more for our ears and minds to regale in! "(Marc Chénard, Jazz Editor, La Scena Musicale, October 2019)

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