Subkrew: Entermission

Subkrew: Entermission
Title: Entermission
Label: CD Baby

Subkrew presents Mr.Rath aka Rathmatixx starting with ENTERMISSION- Episode One: The Dellagetz. Representatives of rapid-fire lyrics over raw sounds ENTERMISSION features fellow microphone commandos Paradoxx aka Skillz Ferguson and Nerve aka D.Brook. Alongside Mr.Rath these emcees show and prove their own vocal prowess and create powerful images with their rhymes. Solid beatmakers such as G-Koop, Navarro, Khaliq and Ms.Tris provide the production as Subkrew brings an audio display of original hip-hop with sharp words and thumping beats. Listen close and witness the movement grow as Subkrew emerges with the new era of artists for 2008 and beyond. Mr.Rath takes hiphop on new expansions with the help of Paradoxx and Nerve adding new dimensions with every dope line quoted. Show your support, spread the love and get a copy of ENTERMISSION if you are looking for something fresh. The sounds of Subkrew are wide-range and their variety is reflected in every song. Take a moment and marinate with the music as Subkrew makes moves Atlanta to Oakland, stay tuned- more to come.

1.1 The Heist
1.2 Audio Dons
1.3 Delivery Plus Shipping ; Handling
1.4 Junglebook
1.5 Knightlife
1.6 Welcome Hell
1.7 Mission Control
1.8 My Life Aquatic
1.9 Rider's Bloc
1.10 Clockwork
1.11 Entermission
1.12 Loose Change
1.13 Xo Connection
1.14 Wrecking Krew II
1.15 Wolfsport
1.16 Mo' Pressure

Subkrew: Entermission

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