Summers: Summers : 364

Summers: Summers : 364
Title: Summers : 364
Label: CD Baby

"A huge thumbs up." - Mickky D, Motorhead "Summers Rock!" - Steve Conte, Michael Monroe band "Isn't it great to hear a band that can actually sing!" -Danny Vaughn, Tyketto British loud rockers, Summers music evokes freedom and fearlessness. Bringing back real rock n' roll that cleverly intertwines catchy hooks, slick songwriting and danceable grooves; Summers will make you cheer and beg for more! The band: Crash Summers, lead vocals; brother, Ricky Summers, bass guitar; guitars, Joedy Rose, Jason Sepala and Andy Pope, drums have been selling out clubs across the ocean for years. Now, it's our turn to grab their melodic radio friendly, fun on the run tunes and never let go! 364 was recorded in Cyprus and produced by Clyde Ward (Eric Clapton, Sting, Lenny Kravitz, and George Michael). The CD was mixed by Jens Klein in Germany and mastered by Pat Reese in the USA. Crash Summers says, "364 is how many days it took to complete the album. While working with Clyde we become a tighter unit. We were doing 12 hour days... we wanted a polished album and put our blood sweat and tears into this record." The album artwork for 364 is an original conception by renowned Hydroliptic artist Delae C. Noctra. Noctra combines art and text. When you look at his drawings you see words and hidden images. The one-of-a-kind piece goes from abstract back to art with a definite meaning. All the images rotate 360 degrees so you have to turn the frame to get the full effect and interact with it. Crash says, "The hidden images in the art are things we can relate to on a personal level." Noctra explains, "The images I added tell a story about aliens coming to earth after hearing Summers music. It puts them in a rock n' roll trance and they end up taking the hot girls hostage in order to take shots later on in the ship. The guys steal their spaceship and head back to Earth. As one of their songs says, "Don't Take Shots in the Dark... lesson learned for the aliens." Their first single, "Superhero" featuring Crash Summers sultry vocals; and brother Ricky's chunky explosive bottom end bass will lead you down addictive roads of debauchery. Ricky says, "The stomping bass and rowdy vocals catapult you forward into the future of cyber rock reality. "Summers second single, "Terminator" features juicy chords, a heavy driving bass line and slick songwriting that will suck you into their den of iniquity. Crash says, "Terminator is a girl, a futuristic girl. Like art coming alive... a sort of imaginary line where futurism and realism meet." 364's crossover hook heaven is comparable to Def Leppard's- Hysteria with a dose of Bon Jovi's- Slippery When Wet. Their songwriting melds modern twists of rebellion and propels the listener into frenetic fantasies of life and love. Their music is like a reality TV show filled with wormholes of fantastic rhythm and recklessness.

1.1 Shot in the Dark
1.2 Superhero
1.3 Girls
1.4 Too Late
1.5 Sometimes
1.6 Steal Away
1.7 Let's Make Love
1.8 Billy
1.9 Let's Go Round
1.10 Told You So
1.11 Terminator
1.12 Rock Machine

Summers: Summers : 364

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