Summoning the Lich

Summoning the Lich: United In Chaos

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Product Type: CD

Title: United In Chaos
Label: Prosthetic Records

Taking inspiration from the best elements of Lord of the Rings, Magic The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Adventure Time, and wrapping it up in a fantastical death metal parcel, Summoning the Lich has an attention to detail and commitment to storytelling that is second to none. Their debut album United In Chaos tells the tale of the rise of the Lich and fall of the Kingdom Rodor - and the spread of his wicked influence across the land as his power grows.

1.1 The Nightmare Begins
1.2 Cult of Ophidian
1.3 The Gatekeeper
1.4 Demon of the Snow
1.5 Predatory Reflection
1.6 Acid Reign
1.7 United in Chaos
1.8 Descend
1.9 Hymns (Of the Witches of the West)
1.10 Death Crystal
1.11 Temple of the Bone
1.12 The Lure of the Necromancer

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