Sun Kil Moon

Sun Kil Moon: Ghosts of the Great Highway

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sun Kil Moon

Artist: Sun Kil Moon
Title: Ghosts of the Great Highway

Originally released in 2003, Sun Kil Moon's GHOSTS OF THE GREAT HIGHWAY received superlative reviews, moved quickly to #1 on college radio and has become one of singer/songwriter Mark Kozelek's most loved and best selling albums in a 13 album career. GHOSTS OF THE GREAT HIGHWAY is re-released with a new edition with re-worked packaging. Also included is a 6-song bonus CD containing covers, alternate versions, radio recordings, and a previously unreleased instrumental.

1.1 Glenn Tipton
1.2 Carry Me Ohio
1.3 Salvador Sanchez
1.4 Last Tide
1.5 Floating
1.6 Gentle Moon
1.7 Lily and Parrots
1.8 Duk Koo Kim
1.9 Spaloma
1.10 Pancho Villa
2.1 Somewhere
2.2 Carry Me Ohio [Alternative Version]
2.3 Salvador Sanchez [Acoustic]
2.4 Arrival
2.5 Somewhere [Version 2]
2.6 Gentle Moon [Radio Recording]

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