Sundance: Troubadour

Sundance: Troubadour
Title: Troubadour
Label: CD Baby

BOOK OF DOVES It is written!! In the BOOK OF DOVES that I&I shall go over THE BRIDGE OF GLORY there will be a burning of the Darkness DROPS OF LIFE will Fire BLOSSUM GLORY TO THE HERO THE LAST ANGEL who alongside MOTHER OF THE WORLD went searching/across RUBY MOUNTAINS for the STAR OF THE HERO/STAR OF THE MORNING in the stronghold of the SPIRIT/then came SUNSET WHERE RISES/THE TREASURE OF THE WORLD LIVING MUSIC FLAMING HEARTS REJOICING!!! By Earl Sundance sheppard 1985 TROUBADOUR One of a class of lyric POETS who composed songs in metrical forms.... A wandering MINSTRAL, inventing,finding poetry An Music... A GRIOT passing on a cultural history... A JALI, singing the Tribal&family song... A He (artist) singing&playing the CREATION.

1.1 Summertime
1.2 Special Request
1.3 Queelili'uokalani
1.4 Sayoonara
1.5 Her Majesty's Kiss/Interlude
1.6 Pasia
1.7 King Selassie
1.8 Cleopatra
1.9 African Sundance
1.10 Troubadour
1.11 The Lion's Den
1.12 E-Bache
1.13 Your Song
1.14 Rub-A-Dub Love
1.15 Let's Unite

Sundance: Troubadour

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