Sundown Service

Sundown Service: Sundown Service

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Artist: Sundown Service

Artist: Sundown Service
Title: Sundown Service

The Sundown Service is a Lexington, KY based group that has forged an original sound of psychedelia-infused blues based rock. Sundown Service is what happens when you put instruments in the hands of musicians who grew up pillaging their parents vinyl collections to listen to The Allman Brothers, CSNY, Bob Dylan, and countless others....

1.1 Distance
1.2 Fell By Wine
1.3 Eastern Hills
1.4 Untitled
1.5 Apology
1.6 Time Will Move
1.7 A Cloud's Reluctance
1.8 The Seaside Reunion
1.9 Blank Slate
1.10 Peace of Mind

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