Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up: Someday

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sunny Side Up

Title: Someday
Label: CD Baby

Sunny Side Up is not your father's band, nor your brother's. KC, composing music on guitar, and Alejandro, writing lyrics, started performing in a Little Italy coffee shop in Buffalo, New York in 2009 and added not one, not two, but seven more musicians to form Sunny Side Up. Since then: a vibrant fan base, one original after another, 9 of which can be found on CD#1, 'Someday', and another 12 on CD#2 being released this summer. The genre? City Kid Music. Big band. Original music with jazz sophistication and lyrics from the heart and soul of a teenage adopted city kid who definitely has something to say. The players? KC, guitar, hockey team captain, band captain, composes the music, leads the way. Alejandro, writes the lyrics, sings, rather, performs, and brings it all to life Bella, the beautiful one, with the most beautiful voice, a life time of blues and jazz vocal experience but not yet 20 John, the band's most accomplished musician, composer, piano, bass, bass vocal Alex, KC's partner in crime since grade 6, another talented bassist, electric guitarist and performer Cody, keyboards, organizer (required for a 9-man band), manager, another hockey defenseman and soon - OK, 8 years - to be band M.D. Wynton, drums, destined for stardom, key element of band's musical success, the next 'Bond' Aaron, trumphet, Miles Davis presence, Louis Armstrong soul Geno, percussion, as big as his sound and his smile What's next? Now putting the final touches on CD#2 that will catapult them to stardom, ready for release this summer.

1.1 Coconut Latte
1.2 Someday
1.3 Remember Me
1.4 Falling in Love
1.5 No Ordinary Affair
1.6 Down By the Bay
1.7 Lost in Love
1.8 So Beautiful
1.9 Perfect Harmony

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