Super Geek League

Super Geek League: Magic Castle Land

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Title: Magic Castle Land
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Act 1 Epic Tale of 2: The Super hero RAWK space station antique Sci-Fi Circus 'Super Geek League' lands in Bellingham Washington spinning and whirling it's way through the minds and hearts of the unsuspecting masses.... Andriod Rawk Clowns, minstrels, space diva's, seductive robots and sexy cannibal aliens spill out amidst the smoke, flickering mind-numbing lights and thumping sonic booms from the 11 piece psychorchestra! The Epic Tale of 2 concludes with a friendly and warm greeting as to say 'hello and welcome to the other side of your dormant brain human...' The Contemplative Dwarf closes his mind into a liquid blue hum as the lights go dark and the high pitch frequency of feedback fills the void enough for the Hallucination Engine (H-E) to produce the likes of an 8 armed goddess... Act 2 Sub Genius: Of the mind that could have been... as the Octa-Mind spontaneously rooted itself inside schizoid mind, the H-E began cranking random bits of CODE in an almost tourrettes like fashion. Jumbled frenetic lines of instruction hammering lungs pushing air through the lips of Electric Diva as the lights flickers and dances against confetti storms of Silver, Gold and white... images blast on the backdrop of some strange film loops capturing light with sound screaming without a throat and tongue... Act 3 Love Demon: Contemplative Dwarf stimulates the recesses of his fragile yet fertile mind with the images and sounds of a the 8-armed goddess and the horrorific sounds of the Androids chest thumping GONG, it would appear the dwarf had grown a bit dormant and silent. Alas! The awakening of such pleasures and inspirations cause a shift in frequency and vibration stimulating the sex centers in the brain manufacturing both Pain and Pleasure, Love versus Hate... Hence the contradiction in this mythos of the Love Demon escorted by his love slave who in turn escorts her half human half swine 'pet' on a leash... Amidst horrific yet comical hallucinations gone awry indeed! Act 4: What you know about that? I know all about that? G-Nome what?!? Act 5 Robot Rape: Mutant Metal believed his robots would be the perfect control mechanism to subdue the human virus and with his insatiable almost maniacal lust for the cyberslut he foraged a new and more sinister line of robots designed to fulfill the more pleasurable side of human needs. These pleasure models were everything a lonely human could ever dreamed in a silicon companion, they were always ready for action, never wanted to engage in conversation (unless engaged) and they didn't require any maintenance or coddling. A perfect partner to some human standards. However unbeknownst to the architecture of these particular pleasure models. Faulty programming at the base level of these droids put the entire operation at risk as the pleasure models turned violently against their human hosts raping them repeatedly against their will to eventually they gave in to the overpowering nature of their new masters. Act 6 Rust Within makes us sin... Goddinpotty has long since been wrought with corruption which would explain the rogue, almost suicidal experiments of TIM and his Hallucination Engines. With all scientific knowledge and expertise, no matter how calculated and correct can be subject to the intangible emotional sensory circuits. If these emotional circuits are not configured or controlled properly can wreak havoc on an entire program causing the inevitable 'ghost in the machine' or a seemingly random bits of code that suddenly or seemingly spontaneously configure and draw life onto it's own set of rules and code completely and utterly detaching itself from the original architectural foundations in which is was orientally written... A Dance of the random and terrifying as we are programmed to ultimately sin. Act 7 Space Husband Robot Boy... Carol Anne and Space Husband fell madly in love on the rings of Saturn and as a result of this sordid love affair, gave birth to the Robot Boy. Notorious for his womanizing ways, after conceiving the child with his lover Carol Anne, fled the universe to pursue other adventures leaving Carol Anne broken, saddened and torn. In lieu of this set back, Carol Anne gave birth to Robot Boy who in turn grew up a bastard robot boy tearing ass through the galaxy destroying aliens from limb to limb in pursuit of his long lost father. He would seek to avenge his mothers broken heart and his feelings of abandonment only to fall in love with father ultimately in the end.... Act 8 Prelude to the Gold... tis the prelude to the Battle for the GOLD amongst all the ultimate hallucinations in the minds of awe-struck alien invaders, scientists and sensory engineers... G-Nomes prepare to battle for what is rightfully theirs despite the popular mythos that the Leprechaun actually owns the pot of gold! Act 9 Greedy G-Nome... Having successfully slain the Leprechaun for his gold, the G-Nomes are infected with GREED and hence turn upon each other to do battle for ALL of the GOLD Act 10 Lies... Every broken heart has been betrayed by lies... Act 11 Captain Tomorrow (2009) he who hallucinates originates... The seed of something astounding and awe-inspiring! You think our descriptions are something? We are actually describing the LIVE show!

1.1 Epic
1.2 Space Husband Robot Boy
1.3 Sub Genius
1.4 Love Demon
1.5 Robot Rape
1.6 Rust Within
1.7 Prelude
1.8 Greedy G-Nome
1.9 Lies
1.10 Captain Tomorrow

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