Super Whatevr

Super Whatevr: Never Nothing

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Artist: Super Whatevr

Artist: Super Whatevr
Title: Never Nothing

2018 release. Despite what the name implies, Super Whatevr is much more than just another whatever band. Led by vocalist/guitarist Skyler McKee, the SoCal four-piece are poised to break into the alt-indie scene in a big way with their debut album Never Nothing. Combining elements of garage, alternative and emo rock, Super Whatevr have crafted a sound that draws inspiration from bands like Joyce Manor, Japandroids and Alt-J, while remaining distinctly Super Whatevr.

1.1 Ah Oo Oh
1.2 Bloomfield
1.3 Kathrin with a K
1.4 Why Do I Wonder Why
1.5 For You
1.6 Cops on Motorcycles
1.7 Advice
1.8 Misquote
1.9 When Doesn't the World End?
1.10 Telelelevision
1.11 8:51 Am (Saturday Morning Congestion Blues)
1.12 Loser

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