Superior Edwards

Superior Edwards: Trippin'

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Title: Trippin'
Label: CD Baby

Superior Edwards started playing piano when he was eight years old. He was brought up in a lineage of great musicians from his father and mothers side and was named Superior by his father as a self fulfilling prophecy. He started playing in church and by age 12 he was the minister of music for the youth department of Pilgrim Baptist Church. By the age of 16 he was touring around the world with well known artists like Father MC, Jodeci, Brandy, and Mary J. Bilge. Superior has gone on to share the stage with such greats as The Drifters, Nelly, Mariah Carey, Donnie McClurkin, Al Jerreau, Will Downing, Rev. Timothy Wright, the Winans family, and many other well known names in both R&B, gospel, and jazz.

1.1 Cole
1.2 Rapture
1.3 A Happy Day
1.4 Anytime
1.5 Destiny
1.6 Baby Come to Me
1.7 Taking Me There
1.8 Honey Love
1.9 Flying Away
1.10 Trippin'
1.11 Let's Chill
1.12 Runs

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