Superspies: Superspies from Outer Space

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Superspies

Title: Superspies from Outer Space
Label: CD Baby

11 original songs from New York-based artist collective Umour - a must-have for 2012 lovers of lounge, jazz, comedy, pop and experimental concept albums. Produced by industry veteran Kol Marshall Contact: Matt Chelsea (201) 600-4125 for interviews and additional information. NEW YORK -- The new "Superspies From Outer Space" record from New York-based artist collective Umour kicks off the summer of 2012 with 11 genre-defying, pop-infused original songs and two surprising cover versions, performed with lush musical arrangements and a dash of Dr. Demento, resting on a plate of Cold War paranoia. All of this and more is available for a price of $9.99 on Apple's iTunes, where "Superspies" now resides as the first major release from newly-launched independent label Regal Records 222. It's also available in a cool, retro-inspired CD package. "Superspies" caps off a monumental, two-year foray into jazz and lounge from producer Kol Marshall, the veteran heavy metal recording engineer behind the 2004 Ministry album "House of the Mole", as well as records by King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. "It's like the Men in Black meeting the Rat Pack on the set of a Matt Helm film," Kol Marshall said. Featuring spoken word vocalist and lyricist 'Loudmouth Bill' Abramson, along with guest performances by Golden Palominos singer Lydia Kavanagh, among others, "Superspies" concerns a group of space-alien agents sent to Earth on a secret mission. "It's a comedic spy story about secret agents from outer space, protecting the world from evil aliens," said Marshall. He deftly weaves drums, guitars, keys, brass, violin, flute, mandolin, saxophone, vintage Moog synthesizers, organ and electric piano into one of the year's most infectious CDs. The album will provide many hours of enjoyment with anyone fascinated by the retro-lounge style of early 60's TV shows and movies, as well as fans of comedy albums, science fiction and richly orchestrated bachelor pad music, with jazz and Latin influences. Kol Marshall, 49, serves as producer/engineer, arranger, keyboard player, and is one of several singers. The 13 songs include "Barbacoa (Feynman In Vegas)", "The Mysterions", "Mirror in the Rain" and "Bunch of Creeps." The album's first single "Super Secret Superspies" has been released as a free sample on the Umour web site. "Superspies" also features Umour's unique versions of the Elvis Presley classic "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and the great Harold Arlen/Johnny Mercer standard "One for my baby (and one for the road)". Umour collective's core members include: Kol Marshall, Nick Kane, "Loudmouth Bill" Abramson and The Mysterious Agent Em all on vocals, as well as a host of seasoned session musicians including Fred Anderson and Sean Anderson, Lex Samu, and Chris Lough.

1.1 Superspies Revealed
1.2 Super Secret Superspies
1.3 Barbacoa (Feynman in Vegas)
1.4 From the Heavens
1.5 The Mysterions
1.6 Mirror in the Rain
1.7 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
1.8 My Girlfriend
1.9 Tonight You Dream
1.10 By the Balls
1.11 Bunch of Creeps
1.12 What An End (For a Spy)
1.13 One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)

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