Supralunar: A New Hope

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Artist: Supralunar

Artist: Supralunar
Title: A New Hope

2015 debut album from the Swedish hard rockers. A NEW HOPE offers groovy, steamy rock 'n' roll with large doses of '70s glam completely free from feathers and sequins. Supralunar´s album is a perfect blend of hard rock and glam as it was meant to be and not synonymous with umbrella drinks and neon colored spandex, as in the '80s. The songs are a mish-mash of hard rock, grooves and catchy melodies just as the rock gods had imagined it. a little dirty, tongue-in-cheek with a touch of seriousness and, above all, full steam rock n roll. It's contemporary but with one foot in the '70s. It's highly energetic and versatile hard rock with lots of harmonies. It's what you might get if you put Foo Fighters in a time capsule dressed up as the Sweet. It's Sweden's best kept secret.

1.1 People Like Us
1.2 Nine Candles
1.3 Once We Were Kings
1.4 La Diabla
1.5 Theatrical
1.6 She Wanted All
1.7 Alternate Sun
1.8 She Won´T Let Me Down
1.9 End of Story
1.10 I'll Cover You
1.11 Right Vs Wrong
1.12 Supralunar

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