Suraj Holzwarth: Journey of the Heart

Suraj Holzwarth: Journey of the Heart
Title: Journey of the Heart
Label: CD Baby

A Sonic Healing Meditation with GrandMother Drum Welcome on a journey of discovery. Immerse yourself in a sonic healing bath of the seven-foot, crystal-inlaid GrandMother Drum, the voice of the Universal Heart. Relax. Dissolve into the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Be one in harmony with all life. Return from the journey refreshed, renewed and strengthened to live more fully from your heart. 60 minute guided meditation. Primal...Enchanting......Mesmerizing White Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth) DrumKeeper of the International GrandMother Drum Peace Project is an internationally known medicine woman, singer, songwriter and performance artist of Seneca and European descent. Her voice has a primal and mesmerizing quality, penetrating to the very heart and soul of our tribal connection with the earth. Suraj received the vision of the GrandMother Drum from indigenous grandmothers as the living beating symbol of the Universal Heart that connects all races and cultures of the human family. With the assistance of the Alaska multicultural community, Suraj built the GrandMother Drum in 2000. The drum took over a year to construct and has 200 crystals inlaid in it's seven- foot kettle base. It is covered by a giant buffalo hide. The drum produces an incomparable sound that not only stirs the soul but also is said to have tremendous healing effect on the body. 'I started to vibrate all over, it was like creation, like before the creation, like the announcement of something very important to happen, like WAKE UP, WAKE UP, like grand opera, like everything powerful at once. I loved it. Great what you are doing, your voice is so beautiful.' - Ingrid, Hawaii On it's third 'Ring of Fire' World Tour, GrandMother Drum continues to share her heartbeat of love from reconciliation gatherings with Aboriginal communities across Australia 'Stolen Generation' to Alaskan human rights marches. 'I would like to give a big THANKYOU for organizing and bringing the Grandmother Drum to the Central Coast (of Australia). It was a truly a blessed and amazing experience, one that my daughter and I won't forget in a very long time. I noticed that it had a profound positive effect on my daughter as she was suffering from a chronic ear infection and walked away from that experience pain free. We both had a truly great time!'- Helen, Central Coast, Australia Suraj definitely moves to the beat of her own drum and her charisma and life inspires others to live their dreams. She leads interactive 'prayerformances' healing arts workshops, ceremonies, and peace concerts for thousands around the world. 'When people of diverse cultures are beating together around a thundering seven- foot heartbeat, they get it,' says drumkeeper Suraj Holzwarth, 'They remember who they are and what is really important- caring, sharing and respecting one another. GrandMother Drum is electrifying-she is absolutely contagious!' 'Concertgoers are shaken to the core by GrandMother Drum's soulful thunder, her universal power in undeniable.' -Heather Resz, Anchorage Chronicle The featured track: The Traveling Song won in the Inspirational Category in the 2003 Alaska Public Radio's Song of the Year Contest.

1.1 Becoming the Heartbeat
1.2 Journey of the Heart Activation
1.3 Inner Silence
1.4 Rebirth- the River of Life
1.5 The Traveling Song

Suraj Holzwarth: Journey of the Heart

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