Surf Dogs

Surf Dogs: Roger & the Surf Dogs Live

$7.72 $8.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Surf Dogs

Title: Roger & the Surf Dogs Live
Label: CD Baby

This is the third Surf Dogs CD. There are twelve live performances. Something old and something new. Many of the songs are seen on YouTube. Besides the CD, you also get a DVD of all the live performances. You can see the actual guitar from the CD being played. The sound on the DVD is as good as the CD, so you can play it at parties in the background. Sort of a Surfing troubadour. The DVD has a little chatter and song introductions. Passionate and penetrating, this is contemporary surf music as it should be. For you country twang folk, there are a couple of country theme's a la Bonanza. The sun is up, and the surf is back. Enjoy.

1.1 Feeling Good
1.2 Catch a Wave
1.3 Moody Run
1.4 Jazz Me
1.5 Dude
1.6 Touch Me
1.7 Spanish Fly
1.8 Stoked
1.9 Come and Get It
1.10 Dixie Babes
1.11 Bella Donna
1.12 Back in the Saddle

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