Surgeon: Encyclopedia of the Insane

Surgeon: Encyclopedia of the Insane
Title: Encyclopedia of the Insane
Label: CD Baby

Formed in the heat of Dallas, Texas, Surgeon is truly a 'metal supergroup', featuring guitar virtuoso Michael Harris (7 solo albums; Thought Chamber; Darkology), drummer Matt Thompson (King Diamond), bassist James Martin (Solitude Aeturnus) and vocalist Len Jarrell (Watchtower). 'Encyclopedia' offers not one weak track, ranging from the power metal precision of 'Concussion' and 'Raging Beast Inside Me' to the creative ingenuity of 'Injection Overruled' and 'The Ghost Inside', and was the winner of the French Connection's album of the year in 1996. 'Encyclopedia of the Insane' reveals some of the most technical and powerful metal pieces EVER released!' [Laurent Bocquet - The French Connection Website] 'A full frontal assault on the senses, crushing your eardrums with fist-pumping beats and finger-grinding axework...' [Kevin White - HARDER BEAT] '...An incredible album!' [Metallive. Nl]

1.1 Dr. Psycho
1.2 Gunned Down
1.3 Concussion
1.4 Robotix
1.5 Raging Beast Inside Me
1.6 Injection Overruled
1.7 Cranial Espionage
1.8 The Ghost Inside
1.9 Blood Drops on the Page
1.10 Ode to a Dictator
1.11 Black of Your Mind

Surgeon: Encyclopedia of the Insane

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