Susan Brehm Elaine

Susan Brehm Elaine: American Gypsies

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Artist: Susan Brehm Elaine
Title: American Gypsies

Susan has been a singer/songwriter since she was a teenager and in the late-seventies she teamed up with her brother Paul to form an acoustic duo in the DC area. Between the two they have hundreds of original material. This album represents the best of her work and with the help of her brother the album became a reality. Susan currently lives in Colorado with her family and sings in the Boulder Camarata Choir.

1.1 American Gypsies
1.2 Room By the Sea
1.3 Thinking of You
1.4 Betrothal
1.5 Don't Fall
1.6 Always
1.7 Secret Battle
1.8 October Shell
1.9 Roll the Dice
1.10 Life of Color

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