Susan Davis

Susan Davis: Storm Is Over

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Artist: Susan Davis

Artist: Susan Davis
Title: Storm Is Over

The songs on this album were written as assignments for the famous Tony Conniff songwriting workshops in NYC - a place where singer/songwriters convene for camaraderie, inspiration, and challenges. This album contains songs about love gone wrong (Lose-Lose Love, This Can't Be Right, Before You Go), songs of hope and resolve (The Storm Is Over, Help Me Help Myself), songs of protest (God, You Gotta Do Better, Bi-Polar Bear, Dark Knight), and songs of Whimsy (Starbucks, What If I). They are not autobiographical, although they do draw from personal experience, imagination and current events. Starbucks lovers around the world will relate to the Starbucks story song, which recounts three vignettes overheard in Starbucks. As the refrain goes, "Never know what you're gonna overhear here in Starbucks." It's what makes the Starbucks experience about so much more than just a cup of coffee. Bi-Polar Bear was composed in sympathy with the nearly 6 million American adults afflicted with Bi-Polar Disorder. Many become walking experiments for psychiatrists, who cycle their patients through pharmaceuticals at a mind-numbing pace. Patients are charged handsomely and helped little. They often suffer severe side effects from the prescribed drugs and become dependent upon or addicted to these medications as well. It is a tragic situation that deserves more attention. This is one artist's attempt to bring the issue to light. Dark Knight is a song about the horrific 2012 shooting in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. As a mother of 5, the writer was very moved by Gordon Cowden's parting words to his daughters ("I love you, I love you both"). This album is dedicated to Susan Daddona, a dear friend of the writer, for her invaluable friendship and deep listening.

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