Susan Sevier & Cheryl Branham

Susan Sevier & Cheryl Branham: Weihnachtsfreude

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Artist: Susan Sevier & Cheryl Branham
Title: Weihnachtsfreude

The Christmas season, as we celebrate it today, comes to us from a complex mix of European traditions---the French, the British, and most importantly, the German. So many wonderful songs help us celebrate and remember this season, many of them old and from anonymous sources. But classical composers are people too, with their Christmas beliefs and their Christmas memories, and many have written their own versions of seasonal music. Of the composers whose work fills this collection of song, most are not likely well-known to the English-speaking concert audience: Respighi, Chaminade, Trunk, Reger, Niedlinger, and especially Cornelius. Only Fauré speaks of Christmas through his most known compositional genre.

1.1 Weihnachtslieder: No. 1, Weihnachten
1.2 Noel, Op. 43, No. 1
1.3 Weihnachtslieder: Op. 61, No. 1: Advent
1.4 Weihnachtslieder: Op. 61, No. 4: In Der Krippe
1.5 Weihnachtslieder: Op. 8, No. 2B: Die Hirten
1.6 Schlichte Weisen: Op. 76, No. 52, Marias Wiegenlied
1.7 Weihnachtsleider: No. 2, Der Stern Von Bethlehem
1.8 Weihnachtslieder: Op. 8, No. 3, Die Konige
1.9 Sei Liriche, Prima Serie: Op. 66, No. 4, Noel Ancien
1.10 Birthday of a King
1.11 Weihnachtslieder: No. 5, Die Engleln Singen
1.12 Weihnachtslieder: Op. 8, No. 6, Christkind
1.13 Noel Des Oiseaux No. 2
1.14 Weihnachtslieder: Op. 8, No. 5, Christus Der Kinderfreunde
1.15 Weihnachtslieder: Op. 61, No. 7, Christbaum
1.16 Weihnachtslieder: No. 4, Das Licht Der Welt
1.17 Weihnachtslieder: No. 8, Weihnachtsfreude

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