Susan & the Surftones

Susan & the Surftones: Night in Old Town

$9.82 $11.98

Artist: Susan & the Surftones
Title: Night in Old Town

'Night in Old Town' is the seventh full-length CD release by female-led instro band Susan and the SurfTones. With six new original tunes and four covers you would never expect from a surf band Susan and her ultra-cool SurfTones continue to blend surf-smoothness and garage power into a unique retro-yet-modern sound. You won't get surf bored with this one. Check out our latest right here at CDBaby...'Shore'...look for it under Susan SurfTone.

1.1 Vincent 87
1.2 Deathmobile
1.3 Over You
1.4 Shanghai Hotel
1.5 Chinese Rock
1.6 End of Days
1.7 For Your Love
1.8 Night in Old Town
1.9 Mexican Spaceman
1.10 If Not for You

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