Susanna Gartmayer

Susanna Gartmayer: Aouie - Bass Clarinet Solos

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Artist: Susanna Gartmayer
Title: Aouie - Bass Clarinet Solos
Product Type: VINYL LP

2015 release. God Records present the first solo release by Susanna Gartmayer, an important figure in Viennese improv and experimental scene. AOUIE is a series of pieces for bass clarinet as an exploration of polyphonic sound universe. Within interactions of spatial and instrument sound, Gartmayer uses a variety of sounds to produce coherent works, dealing with simultaneous representations of multidimensional acoustic events. Personnel: Susanna Gartmayer - composition, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet.

1.1 Ae (3:57)
1.2 U (2:14)
1.3 I (3:39)
1.4 E (4:42)
1.5 O (2:59)
1.6 Ue (4:18)
1.7 A (5:34)

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