Sutekh Hexen: Behind the Throne

Sutekh Hexen: Behind the Throne
Title: Behind the Throne
Label: Magic Bullet Records

San Francisco based experimental Black Metal, noise satanism band with previous releases on Wands, Handmade Birds (Thrill Jockey), Fragment Factory, & Holy Terror. Although only active since 2010, Sutekh Hexen has managed to produce a sizable back catalog of releases that exist in a nebulous gray area between black metal, noise, and dark ambient. Their newest release "Behind the Throne," is their most skillful yet, with their unholy sonic maelstrom accented by subtle textural elements and understated melodic components. Full U.S. tour starts in September 2012.

1.1 Part I
1.2 Part II

Sutekh Hexen: Behind the Throne

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