Sutte, Jack

Sutte, Jack: Fanfare Alone

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Artist: Sutte, Jack

Artist: Sutte, Jack
Title: Fanfare Alone

Fanfare Alone is a collection of fanfares and solo pieces for unaccompanied trumpet. More than half of the compositions were written for Jack Sutte specifically for the Fanfare Alone project and are premiere recordings. Jack captures the strength and elegance of the trumpet through solo pieces like Ornette Coleman's Chanting, Morgan Powell's Alone, Paul Rudy's Jacked!, Otto Ketting's Intrada, and John Hearne's Peroration. Jack performs on multiple instruments of the Schilke trumpet family throughout the CD, piccolo, Eb, C, Bb, cornet, flugelhorn, and a custom designed 4-valve Bb trumpet. Cleveland area composers include Clint Needham, Margi Griebling-Haigh, Philip deOliveira, The Cleveland Orchestra's own Jeffrey Rathbun, and even Jack Sutte himself with his first composition, Modern Lore. This unique two CD release of 300 copies was recorded and engineered by Robert Friedrich of Cleveland-based 5/4 Productions and designed by Cleveland native, Abe Zieleniec. Fanfare Alone is available at the Severance Hall gift shop and on, iTunes, and in both physical and digital options. There is something for every listener on Fanfare Alone. Recorded: June 5, 6 2013 in Gamble Auditorium, Baldwin Wallace University.

1.1 Fanfare
1.2 Alone
1.3 Fanfare
1.4 Distant Call
1.5 Clare Fanfare
1.6 Solo Piece for Trumpet: 1. Graceful, Talking
1.7 Solo Piece for Trumpet: 2. Not Too Big, Intimate
1.8 Salient Flourishes
1.9 Chanting
1.10 Three Ditties: I. Egg(S)
1.11 Three Ditties: II. Bead(S)
1.12 Three Ditties: III. Eff (Anfare)
1.13 The Flamboyant Frenchman
1.14 Peroration
2.1 Jacked!
2.2 Music for Trumpet: 1. Differing River
2.3 Music for Trumpet: 2. Sky Diapason
2.4 Freely
2.5 March Fanfare
2.6 Aftersong
2.7 The Seventh Trumpet
2.8 Fanfare
2.9 Intrada
2.10 Solitario V
2.11 Tre Romanze: I. Lento
2.12 Tre Romanze: II. Allegro
2.13 Tre Romanze: III. Moderato - Allegro
2.14 Re: Sousa

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