Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro: Unreleased Emotion

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Artist: Suzi Quatro

Artist: Suzi Quatro
Title: Unreleased Emotion
Product Type: VINYL LP

Deluxe vinyl LP repressing. UNRELEASED EMOTION was originally released in 1982 but is well worth discovering for the first time, even after all these years. From start to finish, every song keeps the party going and the tone bouncy. For example, for the lively, upbeat 'There She Goes' and 'Can I Be Your Girl,' Quatro is a one-woman bubblegum girl group.

1.1 Pardon Me
1.2 There She Goes
1.3 Can I Be Your Girl
1.4 I'm a Rocker
1.5 Strange Encounters
1.6 Comes the Night
1.7 Starry Night
1.8 Good Girl (Looking for a Bad Time)
1.9 Everything I Ever Wanted
1.10 Secret Hideaway
1.11 Just Like Momma
1.12 Suzi Q
1.13 I Go Wild
1.14 Tonight

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