Suzin Green: Devi Demo

Suzin Green: Devi Demo
Title: Devi Demo
Label: CD Baby

About the Devi Demo Yogis of the Hindu Goddess tradition worship Devi, the Great Goddess as a sacred presence that can be experienced through chanting "her" names. Each name is a mantra that can awaken the living grace of the Devi. It does not matter if we are a man or a woman. Devi belongs to everyone. She is the Universal Mother, Light of Awareness, Field of Time. This music belongs to Her. It is a music of longing and becoming, of opening and merging, of soaring and dying and being born over and over again. It is the music of your own Heart. For people who like to sing along, here are words and translation/commentaries to the chants. Om Narayani Om Narayani Jai Jai Mahadevi Om Maheshwari O Ma Sri Ma Jai Ma Narayani is a Name of the Devi that translates as "the Abode of the Self." Maheshwari translates as "the Sovereign One." We sing, "Let Narayani and Maheshwari awaken within me. Let me praise the Great Goddess, She who is Magnificent, until I know her as my own great heart." Kali Durge Kali Durge Namo Namah Kali Durge Namo Namah Uma Parvati... Chiti Kundalini... Laksmi Anapurna... Girija Shankari... Sundari Saraswati... Kali Durge is one of the most beloved Names of the Devi. It invokes the fierce compassion of the Mother, the force of insight that destroys the enemies of the heart. We sing, "Let me merge with that divine splendour in which we are born and live our lives and die back into again and again and again. Let the blazing light of the Devi destroy all that stands in the way of truth, beauty, contentment, wisdom, and love. Let me know the protectress and savior of my heart as my own great Self." Vina Vadhini Vina Vadhini Saraswati Ma Jaya Jagadambe, Jaya Jagadambe, Jaya Jagadambe Hey Janani Ma Vina Vadhini Saraswati Ma Amba Bhavani Bhavani Ma Jaya Jagadeshwari Rakshaya Ma This chant awakens the power of Saraswati, the goddess of music, language, wisdom, inspiration, insight, and intelligence. Chanting it opens the floodgates of the Creative. "Victory to Saraswati who plays the vina. You are the Mother of all creation. Your are the power of pure existence. Victory to you, Sovereign Goddess and Protectress of all that is pure and true." Sadashiva Ranjani Sadashiva Ranjani Jai Janani Shambhavi Shankari Durga Bhavani Mata Maheshwari Jai Narayani Sadashiva Ranjani Jai Janani Akhilaandeshwari Raja Rajeshwari Mata Maheshwari Jai Narayani Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma This chant lifts the singer into a state of joy. "Rejoicing in the ever-blissful Self, let me sing praises to the Goddess in all her wonderous and myriad forms." Lakshmi Bija Mantra Om Srim Mahalakshmiyei Swaha Lakshmi is the face of the Devi that personifies the fullness of life in all it's beauty and grace. Chanting this mantra awakens the inner state of abundance that draws the outer experience of majesty, good fortune, and joy. Saraswati Bija Mantra Om Aim Saraswatiyei Swaha Saraswati is the face of the Devi that personifies the Creative. Chanting this mantra opens us into the stream of consciousness that carries inspiration, insight, wisdom, music, poetry, all the highest faculties of human intelligence. * * * * * Suzin Green, Voice & Harmonium Alex Mitnick, Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer, Percussion Radha, Tabla Chorus, Tuesday Night Class All chants written by Suzin Green, arranged with Alex Mitnick Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Alex Mitnick * * * * * About SG Suzin Green is best known for leading ecstatic, soulful, chanting that opens the heart and prepares the mind for deep meditation. She loves to sing mantra, the music of Yoga and delights in watching a roomful of people melt into an ocean of bliss. Suzin also teaches Devi Yoga, a system of practice built from the Hindu Goddess tradition, Tantra, Bhakti Yoga, Archetypal Psychology, and the Way of Art. She has recorded two kirtan albums, 'Hearts on Fire' and 'Devi Demo' and is a featured artist on the Relaxation Company releases, 'Women's Yoga Chants' and 'Meditations for Music and Sound Healing.' She's also written on spirituality and the goddess for Ascent, Meditation Pathways, Yoga Chicago, and Sagewoman magazines. Suzin's knowledge of Yoga is rooted in the nearly two decades she spent living in ashrams and centers established by the late Baba Muktananda. And it was the chanting she learned from Muktananda that revolutionized her own approach to music. She holds an MA in Art & Consciousness Studies and is a registered expressive arts therapist. [REAT] Suzin has led workshops and performed throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico. She also maintains a private practice in NYC, offering high-performance coaching and transformational inner work.

1.1 Om Narayani
1.2 Kali Durge I
1.3 Vina Vadhini
1.4 Sadashiva Ranjani
1.5 Lakshmi Bija Mantra
1.6 Saraswati Bija Mantra
1.7 Kali Durge II

Suzin Green: Devi Demo

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