Sweet Honey in the Rock

Sweet Honey in the Rock: Selections 1976-88

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Product Type: CD

Title: Selections 1976-88
Label: Rounder / Umgd

This 2-CD set features Sweet Honey Rock's finest recordings spanning 1976-1988. The repertoire of this powerful a capella ensemble of African-American women singers covers an unprecedented range of original and traditional songs. Their sound is earthy, solid and refreshing, with an exciting range of vocal styles and harmonic blends.

1.1 Ella's Song
1.2 Wade in the Water
1.3 Denko
1.4 On Children
1.5 Echo
1.6 Joan Little
1.7 Beatitudes
1.8 Peace
1.9 Sitting on Top of the World
1.10 More Than a Paycheck
1.11 Crying for Freedom in South Africa
1.12 They Are All Falling Around Me
1.13 Mae Frances
1.14 I'm Gon' Stand!!!
1.15 Feel Something Drawing Me on
1.16 In the Upper Room
1.17 Seven Principles
2.1 Testimony
2.2 Oughta Be a Woman
2.3 Fannie Lou Hamer
2.4 Meyango
2.5 Run Mourner Run
2.6 As Long As I Have Breath in My Body
2.7 No Images
2.8 Sometime
2.9 The Gift of Love
2.10 Biko
2.11 My Way
2.12 State of Emergency
2.13 Cape Fear River Chant
2.14 Rivers of Babylon
2.15 Stranger Blues
2.16 Oh Death
2.17 Breaths

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