Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea: Ladies Night

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Artist: Sweet Tea

Artist: Sweet Tea
Title: Ladies Night

Ladies night album, is a mix of reggae, dance hall and hip hop. Made for the party people and the independent woman who just want to have fun.

1.1 Think Twice
1.2 Hit the Road Jack
1.3 Tek Charge
1.4 Shake Dat Boodt Girl (Feat. Eva)
1.5 Ladies Night
1.6 Excuse Me Sir
1.7 Love to Kill (Feat. Sizzla Kalonji)
1.8 Thank You Father
1.9 Watching You
1.10 Gansta Love (Feat. Dussmithy)
1.11 One More Night
1.12 How We Ride (Feat. D. Ellis ; R. R. Rawial)
1.13 Wine for Me (Feat. Damon Elli ; Eva)
2.1 Ladies Night
2.2 Sweet Tea
2.3 Reggae Music
2.4 Pop Music
2.5 Checkmate Music

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