Sweez / Meine Meinung

Sweez / Meine Meinung: S.Works

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Artist: Sweez / Meine Meinung
Title: S.Works

Cover concept album. This album includes mainly songs we composed under the name of 'sweez', which is a project for game music fans and Meine Meinung has got involved in, upon requests from coterie music circles or in collaborations with them. This CD Includes various game music arrangement such as Touhou Project of Team Shanghai Alice, music of first beatmania of KONAMI (djnagureo), Goonies (Cyndi Lauper), Fate/stay (Kenji Kawai), Monster Hunter 2ndG (Masato Koda). Not only acoustic style, but also introduced electric guitar, violin and computer music with a variety of arrangement. Mainly cover of songs for game or animation, and one third of them are with vocal. Our originally composed songs such as one offered for libretto or special project are also included. Released under the name of internet label called 'the STR label'.

1.1 Monster Hunter
1.2 Moonbow
1.3 Locked Girl - Acoustic Remix
1.4 Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship (Acoustic)
1.5 Lunch Time
1.6 Goonies (Back When We Were Good Enough)
1.7 Remembrance to Appear in the Surface of the Water
1.8 Blue Moon
1.9 Rose Battle
1.10 Gunyuu Shissou (Aco. Style)
1.11 Crossover
1.12 C a

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