Swingset Showdown: Short Bus Ruckus

Swingset Showdown: Short Bus Ruckus
Title: Short Bus Ruckus
Label: CD Baby

Swingset Showdown is a skilled group of musicians that use their talents to create exciting music that is full of humor. Everybody finds a different song to call their favorite. Swingset Showdown live shows are major spectacles that are an explosion of costumed antics, jokes, audience participation, drinking, dancing, colorful characters and over-the-top energy that is always way more entertainment than their ticket prices should allow. SImilarly, this debut album is a generous offering of their repertoire for the price. Here's what some other people have to say about Swingset Showdown: "Swingset Showdown puts on an out of control and energizing show that will keep you watching your calendar for their next show. Props, costumes, bombastic music, and a wild stage presence... they are exactly what a rock band is supposed to be." - Chris Prairie, of Seattle band The Hoot Hoots "...[T]hey find a way to indulge their sense of humor without forsaking the hooks in their songs....it reminds me of what The Ramones would sound like if they laughed at more fart jokes..." -Chris Burlingame, Another Rainy Saturday "They create incredibly infectious hooks that worm their way into your brain to the point that you find yourself singing "I drew a mustache on her face" despite the weird looks that follow. They add a dash of funny to their sound but it's never gimmicky - the boys have obvious technical talent that comes through in the complexity of their songs and the way they play live. Exciting, visual, invigorating, addictive, catchy beyond belief - all these qualities wrapped up in a papier mache Godzilla head make Swingset Showdown one of the best live bands in Seattle." - Chandra Farnsworth, of Seattle band The Fabulous Downey Brothers Bio- Founded by Eric and Isaac, the band was a duo for the first couple of years as a band. Eric plays piano and his sensibilities lean more towards top 40 pop-sensationalism, and Ben-folds songwriting style. Isaac is a counter-balance to this aesthetic with a strong leaning towards punk rock, technical drumming like Tera Melos, and obtuse humor like They Might Be Giants. Jason came on about a year before this album with a mathy and melodic style inspired by the surreal and upbeat styling of Deerhoof and The Shins. One time Isaac saw Incubus play live, because a girl wanted him to. One time Eric almost saw Incubus, but didn't. One time Jason revealed to a friend that he owned all of Incubus's albums. They have all been kicking themselves for their respective missteps.

1.1 Abducted
1.2 168/90 (Or, the Untimely Erection)
1.3 I'm Not Going Anywhere (And Neither Are You)
1.4 Pizza
1.5 Mustache Song
1.6 Oscar Theme
1.7 Jiu-Jitsu
1.8 Vampire Energy Drink
1.9 Circus
1.10 Godzilla
1.11 Gender Ambiguous Generic Love Song
1.12 (I Ride) My Station Wagon
1.13 Naked
1.14 Nice Shoes
1.15 Shut Up, Tim
1.16 Bad Morning Breath
1.17 I Just Smoked the Best Crack of My Life
1.18 Free from You
1.19 The Cure for What Ails You

Swingset Showdown: Short Bus Ruckus

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