Sycamore Smith

Sycamore Smith: Redux

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Artist: Sycamore Smith

Artist: Sycamore Smith
Title: Redux

Pentimento Music Co. Is proud to be able to release a collection of the four acoustic EPs plus two unreleased songs that have been recorded during Sycamore Smith's prolific, inspiring, and consistently amazing career. With new artwork by the troubadour himself, Redux is now the ultimate collection of Smith's masterful lyrics and infectious songwriting.

1.1 Sickdom
1.2 Loosen the Soup
1.3 Cock on a Rose
1.4 Threeways
1.5 Bastogne
1.6 Up to My Earballs
1.7 The Antler Pile
1.8 The Brothers Ape
1.9 The Gigolo Magician
1.10 Abigail Crow
1.11 The Windy, Windy Night
1.12 The Bounce, the Bulge ; the Ball
1.13 Rose Every Day of the Week
1.14 The Figmoron Tree
1.15 The Honey Creeper
1.16 The Devil's Red Glare
1.17 The Man with the Skeleton Arms
1.18 The Reaper's Favor
1.19 The Censored Sailor
1.20 True Love Ain't for You, Love
1.21 The Congress of the Obsidian Eels
1.22 Hokum All Ye Faithful
1.23 This Here Finger
1.24 Randy on the Range

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