Sykk 1: Sykk Sense

Sykk 1: Sykk Sense
Title: Sykk Sense
Label: CD Baby

The Sykk Sense has finally arrived at, after the anticipated wait you can finally purchase Chicano Raps finest now. Sykk 1 has been in the rap game since 1999 pruducing hot beatz and writing hot lyricz. In the year 2002 Sykk 1 hooked up with The Raskal & RuffLife Recordz and immediately became part of the camp, and an instant classic in hip-hop. The Raskal & Sykk 1 dominated the hip-hop industry in Tucson, Az and other markets with their own unique style and talent. Sykk 1, who has been compared to a young Dr Dre, produces beatz for the whole entire camp as well as other artists nationwide. Born and raised on the Ruff SouthSide streets of Tucson, Az Sykk 1 has catapulted to the front of the industry in a short period of time.'The Sykk Sense' featurez, Mr Shadow, Kozme, Sniper, The Raskal, Trilogy and more. If you are a true hip-hop fan, or a true chicano hip-hop fan OR BOTH, this is the album for you and your people. Also be on the lookout for the forthcoming album from The Raskal 'Game Over' set for release June 2008.

1.1 Intro
1.2 It's Time
1.3 We Collide
1.4 Bouncin'
1.5 Shining
1.6 How You Want It
1.7 U Ain't My Homie
1.8 What U Wanna Do?
1.9 I'm a Hustla
1.10 My Girl
1.11 What You Workin' With?
1.12 Leanin' 2 the Side
1.13 Where Do We Go?
1.14 Shut It Down
1.15 Ride with Me
1.16 How You Want It [Remix]
1.17 Everything You Do
1.18 Center of My Life
1.19 Just to Let You Know

Sykk 1: Sykk Sense

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