Synergy: Jupiter Menace

Synergy: Jupiter Menace
Title: Jupiter Menace
Label: Voiceprint UK

The Jupiter Menace is another of Larry Fast's soundtrack Pieces and was originally released in 1982. The album whilst remaining a soundtrack manages to fit in perfectly with the rest of the Synergy back catalogue. It is also one of Synergy's most experimental works calling on various effects and keyboard textures to illustrate the images perfectly and as such was to become one of the most popular Synergy albums with Larry's fan base.

1.1 Alignment
1.2 Alien Earth
1.3 Rampage of the Elements
1.4 Jupiter Menace
1.5 Pueblo Bonito
1.6 Prophecy- the Prophecy Fulfilled
1.7 Warriors
1.8 Earth in Space
1.9 Ancient Gods
1.10 Plunge / Earthquake Simulation
1.11 Solar Observatory
1.12 San Francisco 1906
1.13 Survivalists
1.14 Cities on the Brink
1.15 Mystery of Piri Reis
1.16 Return to Admiral Byrd's Camp
1.17 Final Alignment
1.18 Closing Theme

Synergy: Jupiter Menace

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