T. Clemente

T. Clemente: Lost in Time

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Artist: T. Clemente

Artist: T. Clemente
Title: Lost in Time

T Clemente Music - our messages are all about life, caring for our children, environment, our world, & humanity. Our Music (all original) - influenced by Rock Artists of the 70's, 80's, and others who still rocks the old fashion way. 'When you hear some of the stuff on major labels that passes for rock, you despair. So many of the majors hitch themselves to rickety, no-talent bandwagons in a desperate attempt to connect with the next big thing. Yet, multi talented bands like the unglamourously titled T.Clemente Band have to release independently. Outstanding guitar man, Clemente wrote all the songs here. Helping him out in the studio were the legendary Robert (Hush, GTR, 3) Berry on bass, guitar, keys and bgvs, David Lauser on drums' - Revelation Z Magazine.

1.1 TC Overture (Instrumental)
1.2 Sacrifice
1.3 Time to Get Away
1.4 Lost in Time
1.5 So Far Away
1.6 On Fire
1.7 Take the Shot
1.8 Children and Their Future
1.9 Dreams
1.10 Let It Shine
1.11 Never Alone
1.12 In My Heart
1.13 Retaliate
1.14 Remember (Instrumental)

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