T.D. Clark: Shreddtime Stories

T.D. Clark: Shreddtime Stories
Title: Shreddtime Stories
Label: CD Baby

I have been playing guitar since roughly age 10. I wanted to play piano but we couldn't afford one so I started banging on an old guitar my Mom had in a closet. By age 13 or 14 I knew I wanted to play guitar for a living and I guess be a rockstar but really the star part was an afterthought; I wanted to be a great guitarist for my own sake. So I practiced, played in local bands and started recording my first CD in 1994. Disaster struck as during the seesions for Personalities my left fretting hand was crushed in a work accident. I had 12 fractures in my left ring and middle fingers. The damage was bad and the Doctors weren't sure if I would play again. There would be permanent damage. I started rehabbing immediately and was back in the studio months later finishing the CD and putting my hand in ice between takes. In 1995 I released my CD Personalities and subsequently got interest from Virgin EMI Japan. Due to that interest i was contacted by Stevens Weis, a super famous music Attorney( and very nice and generous man as well) who had represented some of the best guitarists ever: Jimmy Page, Jimmi Hendrix, Mick Ralphs, Ritchie Blackmore. My keyboard players father had done some business with Weis in the past. He began shoppng my CD to every major record label in the country. Ahmet Ertegan listened to my CD during a lunch with Weis. I was then put on Tour with Ted Nugent and Bad Co. a move the would ultimately become my legacy. The label shopping continued. We did something like 26 dates across the U. S. it was total euphoria. Alas all good things come to an end. We did not get picked up for a record deal, but I did have my foothold to jumpstart my career. I have since done shows with Great White, Stephen Pearcy RATT, Lynch Mob, Pat Travers, Kings X, Blue Oyster Cult, Tony MacAlpine, Michael Schenker Group, Chris Duarte, Trace Adkins, Sarah Evans and many more. Appeared on the Mancow show in it's heyday and have done music for ESPN Sports Center that was used during the 2003 World Series as well as hundreds of highlight clips. My songs Avalanche was used in the early 2000's during time stoppages at the United Center during play stoppages and I also played the Blackhawks Season opener in 2001. In 2010 the Blackhawks began using When the Lights Dim from my new Shreddtime Stories CD. My songs have been on over 50 radio stations across the country and on dozens of internet based radio programs. I currently have music in a film on Showtime called Reeker. As well as a host of extreme sports films and on Sprots Giant ESPN! I have been to the Grammy's and have hung out with/and or met Sting, Stevie Wonder, Diana Krall, Howard Stern, David Spade, Rob Zombie, Smashmouth, Keanu Reaves, Ronnie James Dio, Brad Gillis, Ozzy Osborne.....the list is too long to write out. I have played the infamous strip in L. A with shows at the Whisky a Go Go, Cat Club, Key Club, 14 Below, Knitting Factory multiple times . I supported Annaheim Angels First Baseman Scott Speizieo's Sandfrog at the Grove in Annaheim after the Angels won the World Series, playing to a sold out crowd of manic fans and got to meet Adam Kennedy, Troy Glaus and of course hung with Scott as well. All four of my CD's, Personalities, Perspective, Next Big Adventure and Shreddtime Stories are available on i-tunes and at www.guitar9.com www.cdbaby.com T D Clark Productions is a conglomerate of sorts that includes my professional career as a guitarist ( major tours, endorsement deals, TV/Cable/Film credits) plus my private teaching clientel, my groups lessons at over 45 area Park Districts with hundreds of students enrolled for the Fall programming that begins September 1st my state of the art recording studio, Studio T here in Aurora IL. What I am most proud of however, is the fact that I did it my way when everyone else said it couldn't be done. I made it playing my music without having to resort to playing in a fulltime cover band or Wedding Band. This has taught me a lot about myself and others. This is also why I appreciate everything in my life so much and am so thankful. Everyone who has ever bought a CD or come to a show or a lesson or bought a DVD has benefitted my life and wihout them I am nothing. I currently have 14 subcontractors and made my GM Dave Rohde partner June 1st. We will surpass 50 Park Districts by Summer 2010 and are projected to have 75 Park Districs on board by end 2010 IN 2010 I was signed to Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai's new label Digital Nations for a distribution deal for my new CD Shreddtime Stories. The Chicago Blackhawks have also licensed a track from Shreddtime Stories, When the Lights Dim for use in the United Center during games. My goal is to conquer the world. ( you can laugh here : ) and eat a lot of salad!

1.1 The Introduction
1.2 When the LGHTS Dim
1.3 Shreddtime Stories
1.4 Morrocan Bedtime Story
1.5 Grabbing Some Air
1.6 In the Here and Now
1.7 5 Dirham
1.8 Arctic Sun
1.9 Drop D Symphony
1.10 It Came in the Night
1.11 Just South of Dublin

T.D. Clark: Shreddtime Stories

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