T-Lou & His Super Hot Zydeco Band

T-Lou & His Super Hot Zydeco Band: Doin' the Crabwalk

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Title: Doin' the Crabwalk
Label: CD Baby

This is Dancehall Zydeco, coming from the bluesy tradition of Zydeco Pioneer Clifton Chenier. It's infused with saxophone, following in Clifton's footsteps, but also with modern American life in the 21st Century. It looks toward the future while keeping a respectful eye toward the past. Now in his early 70's, T-Lou sounds youthful and invigorated, sometimes smooth and relaxed, at other times urgent and insistent and always soulful and heartfelt. T-Lou wrote all these songs and he delivers them with authority and excitement and always with an eye toward dancing. You see, T-Lou is a fine dancer, so he insists that his music be in the pocket for the dancers. His new recording effortlessly melts blues, country, rock 'n' roll, funk, R&B and rockabilly into Zydeco, creating a fun and ultimately danceable mix. It's hard not to tap your feet and smile as you listen to Crabwalk, Dirty Rice or Wobble Wobble. And who else would write a song about Grandma making the pants too long, so now Sam can't dance? He suggests that you Work That Body so you can Raise The Roof. And from his last CD, titled The Green Eye Monkey, where the Green Eye Monkey stole his woman, he's still chasin' the monkey man who's got his woman in The Monkey Thing. He runs into a woman Hitchhiking on the 405, on her way to dance the Country Zydeco with the Bon Temps Social Club in San Diego. And Zydeco LA LA creates a new dance from an old memory. That Girl Is Fine, well, who needs an explanation there? And the T-Lou Shuffle sets in motion yet another new dance. See, it always comes back to dancing for T-Lou, and having a good time with family and friends. It's about sharing the joys of life and also it's pains (listen to My Baby's In Heaven Tonight) with those you love and who love you. But even in pain, T-Lou finds a calm peacefulness that is reassuring and beautifully soulful. Growing up in rural Grand Coteau, Louisiana, farming and pushin' the cows and hogs, first gee and then haw, T-Lou's family were sharecroppers and eventual landowners. They were honest, hardworking folks who knew the value of love and laughter, friendship, respect and sharing. And it's this love of life and laughter that comes through loud and clear in T-Lou's music. So drink deeply from this well. It'll make you feel rich and satisfied. It'll make you smile. It'll make you dance in your seat or on your feet. Feel the joy and pass it on. And thanks to T-Lou for recording this feeling for us all to experience. What a beautiful gift.

1.1 Crabwalk
1.2 Work That Body (Make It Funky)
1.3 Raise the Roof
1.4 Wobble Wobble
1.5 Dirty Rice
1.6 Zydeco la la
1.7 That Girl Is Fine
1.8 Hitchhiking on the 405
1.9 The Monkey Thing
1.10 O Bye Bye
1.11 O Grandma
1.12 T-Lou Shuffle
1.13 My Baby's in Heaven Tonight

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