T. Rex

T. Rex: Tanx

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Artist: T. Rex

Artist: T. Rex
Title: Tanx

TANX marked the close of what many consider T. Rexs golden era; unfortunately, the band members would drift off one by one soon after, until Marc Bolan was the only one remaining by the mid-70s.

1.1 Tenement Lady
1.2 Rapids
1.3 Mister Mister
1.4 Broken Hearted Blues
1.5 Shock Rock
1.6 Country Honey
1.7 Electric Slim ; the Factory Hen
1.8 Mad Donna
1.9 Born to Boogie
1.10 Life Is Strange
1.11 The Street ; Babe Shadow
1.12 Highway Knees
1.13 Lefthand Luke

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